What is 101Fam.com?

In the very near future, 101Fam.com will become a hub to connect the listeners, hosts, producers, and staff who were formerly connected through the 101 WYDE radio station.

The 101 Insider Newsletter

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This newsletter will keep you informed about behind the scenes news and upcoming broadcasts from the people you knew at 101 — hosts, producers, staff, and even fellow listeners! Updates will be informative, not spammy, and once things get fully up and running, programs will be limited to one announcement per week so you don’t get overwhelmed by emails.

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Future Plans

It’s been 3 months and the future is almost here!
We’ll have something to announce very soon…

Shows / Hosts

In addition to the shows and hosts you love from 101, we’re working to help bring back some old shows and even start some new ones. Right now, Liberty1Tech is offering free technical support while hosts are working on their home studio setups. Again, please sign up for our newsletter at tinyletter.com/101fam to learn the inside news.

NEW! If you were a regular caller to 101.1, there’s a special place for you at 101Fam. Please email [email protected] and let’s talk about getting you on air again.

In the meantime, here are some links to help you find the hosts and programs you know.

Why I Created 101Fam.com

Hi, I’m Tollie. I’d like to help the greater 101.1 FM family stay in touch. You may know me. I started out as a WYDE listener back in 2001. In 2003, I joined a program called Tech Talk as a co-host with Chase and Sam. Soon, we began broadcasting TechTalk as Alabama’s first ever podcast. Later, in 2011, I became a daily caller and political activist for the 2012 election cycle while I worked for a certain candidate’s presidential campaign. Like many of you, I’ve always appreciated the “all local” talk radio format and I’ve been very loyal to 101.1FM. I’m thankful to call as friends many of the hosts, producers, staff, and listeners.

Also, I’m the Founder and CEO of Liberty1Tech, where I focus on technology consulting and services for small businesses and individuals. I like to help make technology work for real people. So, now that 101.1 FM as we know it is going away, I think it’s time for me to step up and offer some of my technical services to the community – to the family – that has formed around 101.1 FM.

I would like to help listeners stay in touch with their on-air friends, and to help the staff stay in touch with listeners — we are a 101 family, after all. I’ve already launched the 101 Insider Newsletter. And now I’m helping work to connect hosts, staff, and listeners together to rebuild the unique 101 talk radio format online.

Please stay tuned. We have a lot planned.

— JT “Tollie” Williams, Liberty1Tech